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This week was more sowing than reaping, but our employ as missionaries is laboring in the Lord's vineyard, not just harvesting lessons and baptisms. Si me toca sembrar semillas de fe en vez de tener [...]

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I'm super grateful for all of the support that we've been getting from the church member's here in the Aeropuerto Ward (and the Chairel Stake, for that matter). The JAS (that is, the YSA, or [...]

  • Dog on a roof


3-28-16   Let's see if I can get this all written down in time... Often times I feel like a passenger on the Lord's Mission Train of Awesome. We were having a very "dry" day, [...]

  • Cutting Grass


So, I'm definitely infatuated with México. I found myself the other day fantasizing about returning to México and running a stand selling pancakes (or hot cakes, as they're called here). It took me a minute [...]